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The Supreme Standard (Rules)
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Joined: 10th May 2014
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28th Apr 2017

The Supreme Standard

Supreme Gaming is not like your regular gaming clan/community. Here at Supreme, we know how to keep our environment clean of drama as well as making sure everyone is having and making new friends . Not only that but we also like to ensure that your safety in our clan is one of our top priorities, thus why we have these rules below.

1.)  Our #1 rule here at Supreme is respect. There is no reason why someone should be treated with disrespect at any time. We are here to have fun.

2.)  If you ever run into any issues with anyone, please don't escalate it yourself. This is how unwanted drama occurs. Please seek the attention of an Officer and they will take it from there.

3.)  Harassment of any kind is not allowed. This is our biggest zero tolerance rule. If you feel that you are being harassed, clearly state that you feel uncomfortable to the individual harassing you. If it continues, seek out an Officer and they will take care of everything.

4.) Any kind of hacking, cheating, exploiting, etc. is not allowed. That also includes anything that goes against a companies EULA or ToS. Buying and selling accounts is also a bannable offense from Steam, Origin, etc.

5.)  While you are in Supreme and you choose you wear our tags |SG|, you represent Supreme. We strive for a popular and respected reputation. Please conduct yourself with respect and kindness when in game servers, social media, other Discords, etc.

6.)  We ask that you and only you to take care of your personal accounts. We wouldn't want someone else using your account and if something bad happens, we could hold you responsible due to the fact that it is your name, IP, or GUID. So please be mindful.

7.)  We ask that you do not post any unwanted links. That goes for malicious links, pornographic links, racial links, etc.

8.)  We do allow you to be in multiple clans/communities! We do not restrict regular members to game how they want. However, Officers and above are the only ones that are not allowed to join other clans/communities. This is because they have higher responsibilities  withing Supreme and it would be a conflict of interest if they were to be in another clan/community.

9.)  Having a microphone is a vital asset to joining Supreme. We must communicate with our friends to have the best of games! If you do not have a microphone, you will still be accepted as a temporary member until you can speak.

10.)  We do have an age limit to join Supreme. We allow ages 15 and above to be apart of our clan. This rule is grandfathered and there are no exceptions. 

We appreciate you taking the time to read through and understand our Standards here at Supreme. As you can see, they are in place to protect our members as well as ensuring a drama-free clan for all to enjoy. Happy gaming!

- |SG| Leadership
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28th Apr 2017

Read and Understood
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29th Apr 2017

Got it!!
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1st May 2017

I'm sorry can I get a translator lol Those are big words.   
Forum » Supreme | Information » Information & Announcements
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